At SQOIN we are developing solutions that will increase data transparency or transfer of value for entities and help streamline enterprise processes.

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After speaking to the Durable Alimentation Bank we discovered that food-banks, in many cases, were not using money efficiently. After speaking to a number of NGOs we discovered that only a maximum of $0.60 of every $1 is spent on providing food to the vulnerable. Why? Because the lack of transparency and considerable amounts of bureaucracy has made food distribution poor. According to a Unicef report, a major cause for the food crisis is economic instability. Job losses, wage losses and increased food prices all lead people to shift their diets to cheaper starch-based meals. The outcome, malnutrition and a major reason for many children to have stunted growth.After discovering this, we realised there is a need for an efficient and economically robust system for distributing food across North Africa.

We offer a crypto software package to help companies make cryptocurrency exchange.

SQOIN is also the first cryptocurrency in Africa , based in Tunisia . The Sqoin protocol is permissionless cryptocurrency that can fully protect the privacy of transactions with no-knowledge in cryptography.

SQOIN IPS offers companies a blockchain solution to manage their internal payment systems and reduce related fees.


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CEO & Co-founder


COO & Co-founder

Abdoul Nafiou Ourou Gbele

Lead SQOIN Africa

Ameni Gahlouzi

Project Manager

Fedia Neyli

Cryptocurrency Developer

Emna Sallami

System Integration Engineer, DAPP

Ameni Raddaoui

Cryptocurrency Developer

Dhouha Chihaoui

Full Stack Developer

Saif Eddine Gahlouzi

Blockchain Developer

Wafa Selmi

HR Assistant

Tawfik Maghrawi

Blockchain & Mobile Dev

Taieb Aziz Bachrouch

Blockchain Expert

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We are using blockchain to create tokenized food vouchers. Using an affordable mobile phone, the people of North Africa that use food-banks will be able to get their food in supermarkets or small shops that have signed up to be part of our food partnership scheme. These partners, after receiving one of our food tokens, can redeem them for money at a pre-agreed price. To ensure the system is secure, all tokens run using blockchain and are backed one for one in the currency the country operates in and with The Smart contract manager it becomes easy to create and distribute token vouchers. Using this tool it is easy to add more food tokens into circulation or remove them.

WeSharish Coin for Food Vouchers

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